Heartland Properties Sanitation & Pest Control Update

With recent press coverage of bed bug infestation at a highly visible Danville property, we want to communicate how we prevent and respond to pests at Sunset Cove Apartments. Heartland Properties manages over 300 residential units, and we have no reports of any current infestations. We rely on our regular staff inspections and tenants reporting potential problems to stay ahead of pest issues, and take immediate steps to rectify the minor problems that periodically arise.

At Sunset Cove Apartments, we have an on-going monthly service contract with a national pest control company, which provides for comprehensive inspection and treatment, as required, each month. We rotate our in-depth internal inspections quarterly, so every building and common areas are inspected at least once every 90 days. During these inspections, our pest company focuses on entry point, areas of moisture and potential food sources, which is what brings most pests in the first instance. If specific tenants report minor infestations, that area is added to the regular monthly inspection cycle for inspection and treatment. Occasionally, we have had tenants refuse individual treatment in their apartments and we generally honor those requests unless we feel an infestation is spreading from that unit causing problems for neighboring units. In all cases if a problem is noted, we perform interior barrier spray treatment first to reduce spread from an infected unit.

We know that prevention is the best way to make sure our property is pest free for all residents. During our renovations, our strategy has been to reduce or eliminate potential problem areas such as:

  • Replacing carpet in common hallways and unit interiors with hard surface flooring
  • Sealing around interior and exterior gaps to reduce infiltration and movement
  • Regular exterior barrier spraying
  • Regular common area cleaning

As tenants, it is important for each resident to be mindful of preventing pest problems in their individual unit, which may cause problems throughout the building. Things each tenant can do include:

  • Ensure all food and potential food sources are stored in tightly sealed containers
  • Clean up all spills and crumbs as quickly as possible
  • Wash all clothing in hot water immediately upon returning home from vacation or hospital stays to prevent bed bugs
  • Practice good housekeeping, in general
  • Report all serious pest problems to management immediately so we develop a treatment plan with our service provider.

Pests and other infestations are inevitable and will occur from time to time, but through preventative measures and early detection, any infestation can be quickly and completely resolved with a professional treatment plan. If you suspect or know of any potential pest problems at Sunset Cove, please let us know and submit a maintenance request.