August 2020 Improvement Updates and SSC Office Relocation

Heartland has had an influx of new tenants. Because of this, we are converting the Model unit 502 to an apartment beginning this Saturday August 8th. We are also working hard to finish up any other units in production.

We are available at our Main Office at 715 W Fairchild. Office hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and on Saturdays 9am-12noon, or by calling at 217-442-3266, or 217-442-1211. Additionally, we will be on site daily with our contractors as we have been since April of 2017.

Payments Options:

We will be installing a new payment drop box in Hallway 5-A by the mail boxes.

  • To enter this hallway please use passcode 1,9,5,9*
  • We also offer an online payment portal called Resident Center. If you do not have an account already you can call us to request a Welcome Email to create an account to set up automatic or one-time payments. The payment portal is also offered in an app form for Android/Apple devices.
  • We also have the online payment portal shown at the top right corner of our website which you can create an account and make payments through.

Improvement Updates

Mail Boxes - Buildings 1,2,& 6:

The new mailboxes are installed. We will be reaching out on additional information on the changeover soon. Building 4’s will be installed once we complete the new building extensions on the front entryways. These new boxes have two secured parcel lockers allowing for larger package deliveries to be held under lock and key in your building until picked up.

Side Walk Clean Up:

Building 5
  • Cleaning up sidewalk on the back side and adding an ADA wheel chair ramp at the end for passenger pick up and drop off.
Building 6
  • Vastly improved entry way for 6-A with only 2 steps required vs the 6 or 7 of the past.
  • Front sidewalk is completed and backfilling dirt to raise the ground elevation between the building and the new sidewalk. Once completed we will seed.
  • Asphalt company has been notified we will be ready soon for the south parking area similar to how we laid asphalt in front of building 7.


  • Due to Covid our siding order has been delayed, but we do have enough on hand to finish the front of building 6, and hoping our vendor will get this hung as soon as possible. We will then begin siding the front of building 1.

Roof Extensions

  • Being built now, once completed we will have continued gutters installed. New lighting similar to building 3 and 5 is also being installed for a vast improvement to what we have now. Once building work is completed, we will pour new concrete walks to finish the front elevation of the building. We will then repour walks on the back side of building 1.

Site Work – Building 4 -New Entryways

  • With the completion of building 5’s new back sidewalk we will be moving to drainage concerns on the front side of building 4. Once this is completed we will tear out old front stairs and begin building new accessible entryways.

Stair Railings

  • Our railing builder just recently completed and installed the stair railings on hallway 6-B and is building 6 A’s at this time. Once completed he will finish railings for building 1 & 2.

Stair Treads

  • Ordered this week and expected delivery in 6-8 weeks. This will match what we installed on building 3.

We want to thank you for going on the journey of renovations with us. I am happy to say many of the large projects are quickly coming to an end and we can focus on more maintenance type items. maintenance items.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us at the below information.


Heartland Properties Group