2020 Renovation Updates at Sunset Cove Apartments

Exterior Elevation Updates

Building 7 is being readied now for new stone and blue siding updates.

Building 6 will be the next building converted to new blue and stone elevation once 6A’s entrance is completed.

Building 1 will be the third building updated to the new front stone and blue siding elevation this year, with roof build outs beginning shortly once dirt work is completed on the south west side.

Retaining wall in front of building 1 being extended and completed between complex and Schlarman Acadamy. Once finished this will create a couple extra parking spaces in front of building 1 as well. As these elevations are completed, cement and asphalt will be incorporated to complete this area.


New sidewalks being poured in the coming week behind building 5 and 3

Front Entrance Buildouts

Building 2 & 6 remaining front entrance foundations and cement are now in place.

Lower front hallways will be opened up once weather warms up next week.

Building 1’s entrances and exits will be removed in the next week or so.

Building 9 Removal - Now completed.

This has opened up a large park for strolls back to the Lake Vermilion look out.

Sliding Doors

Remaining 7 sliding doors to be received and installed in late April.

Pella Windows

Remaining two new windows to be installed next week. Entire complex will then be updated with new windows.

New Mailboxes

Buildings 3,5,7 where the new entrances have been installed are now installed with new mailboxes. These new mailboxes come with both outgoing mail slots that anyone can use, and parcel doors for larger size package delivery, placing incoming parcels under lock and key.

New Mailboxes being ordered now for buildings 1,2 & 6. These will be installed as new entrance build outs are completed.

New Railings

New front railings are being welded up and painted for Building Entrances 7B, 6B, and 2B.

Rubberized Treads

Rubberized treads for new stairs to be ordered and installed in the coming weeks. This will effect buildings 2B,5A,5B,6B,7A,7B for now, and all buildings once new entrances are built out and completed.

Laundry Room Updates

Building 1A’s new laundry room demo is taking place. Once demo work is completed, this room will be replumbed and built out similar to the laundry room completed in 1B.

Drainage Updates Building 4

Work to take place prior to front entrance conversion.

Laundry Room Doors

New glass doors on remaining laundry rooms in buildings 1A, 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B, 6A, 6B, 7A, and 7B to be installed. Doors have been ordered.

Tree Removal

Tree removal on the bank of Lake Vermilion continues. Once completed, we will leave a few outcrops on the hillside and down by the shore line and a spreading vegetation planted on the hillside for erosion control.